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Astuces sur les Filtres (Anglais seulement)
1| or  OR Logical "or" (Vertical bar). Filter the column for content that matches text from either side of the bar
2 &&  or  AND Logical "and". Filter the column for content that matches text from either side of the operator.
3/\d/Add any regex to the query to use in the query ("mig" flags can be included /\w/mig)
4< <= >= >Find alphabetical or numerical values less than or greater than or equal to the filtered query
5! or !=Not operator, or not exactly match. Filter the column with content that do not match the query. Include an equal (=), single (') or double quote (") to exactly not match a filter.
6" or =To exactly match the search query, add a quote, apostrophe or equal sign to the beginning and/or end of the query
7 -  or  to Find a range of values. Make sure there is a space before and after the dash (or the word "to")
8?Wildcard for a single, non-space character.
8*Wildcard for zero or more non-space characters.
9~Perform a fuzzy search (matches sequential characters) by adding a tilde to the beginning of the query
10textAny text entered in the filter will match text found within the column
Éspoir Nom de l'ÉquipeAnnée de Repêchage Choix Total Information Lien
AJ GreerOttawa Senateurs
Aapeli RasanenLos Angeles Kings1292
Aaron HaydonWinnipeg Jets10130
Adam BrooksMinnesota Wild1266
Adam FoxDallas Stars1232
Adam GaudetteSt-Louis Blues11136
Adam HuskaColorado Avalanche11115
Adam MarshBoston Bruins11126
Adam MascherinPittsburgh Penguins1230
Adam MusilPittsburgh Penguins11108
Adam Ollas MattssonDallas Stars10176
Adam WernerSt-Louis Blues12168
Aidan MuirNashville Predators9157
Alec DillonSt-Louis Blues10105
Aleksi SaarelaPittsburgh Penguins1165
Aleksi makelaVancouver Canucks9162
Alex DostieAnaheim Ducks12112
Alex GudbransonFloride Panthers
Alex GuptillVancouver Canucks
Alex KhokhlachevPittsburgh Penguins
Alexander DebrincatCaroline Hurricanes1218
Alexander DergachyovVancouver Canucks11123
Alexander KadeykinPittsburgh Penguins10152
Alexander KerfootPittsburgh Penguins8133
Alexander PetersChicago Blackhawks10143
Alexis PepinNew York Rangers10115
Alexis VanierNashville Predators10136
Anatoli GolyshevWashington Capitals1284
Anders BjorkCaroline Hurricanes10116
Anders LindbackDetroit Red Wings
Andre BenoitToronto Maple Leafs
Andreas JohnsonMinnesota Wild952
Andrei MironovWashington Capitals1198
Andrew NielsenSt-Louis Blues1154
Andrew PeekePittsburgh Penguins1283
Angelo MiceliNew York Islanders
Anthony AngeloPittsburgh Penguins10166
Anthony CirelliBuffalo Sabres1194
Anthony FlorentinoNew York Rangers9124
Anthony SalinitriNashville Predators12155
Anton KarlssonDallas Stars1085
Artur KayumovDallas Stars1298
Austin PoganskiNashville Predators1055
Austin WagnerVancouver Canucks11118
Avery PetersonPittsburgh Penguins9171
Axel HolmstromPhoenix Coyotes1033
Axel Jonsson-FjallbyDetroit Red Wings12170
Beau StarrettChicago Blackhawks10108
Beck MalenstynSt-Louis Blues12141
Ben BloodMontreal Canadiens
Benjamin FinkelsteinAnaheim Ducks1294
Blaine ByronSt-Louis Blues9160
Blake SpeersCaroline Hurricanes1158
Boris KatchoukOttawa Senateurs1247
Brad MorrisonOttawa Senateurs11117
Brady BrassartAnaheim Ducks
Brandon BaddockSt-Louis Blues10175
Brandon GignacDallas Stars12119
Brandon HagelBuffalo Sabres12103
Brandon HickeyNashville Predators1043
Brendan CollierWinnipeg Jets8171
Brendan GuhlePittsburgh Penguins1139
Brendan ShinniminMontreal Canadiens
Brendan WarrenAnaheim Ducks11148
Brent GatesSt-Louis Blues11176
Brent MoranDallas Stars10164
Brett BulmerNew York Islanders
Brett HowdenSt-Louis Blues1228
Brett McKenzieSt-Louis Blues12151
Brett PollockDallas Stars1041
Brett SeneyCalgary Flames11159
Brian FerlinColorado Avalanche
Brian McGrattanBoston Bruins
Brian PinhoSt-Louis Blues9113
Brock BoeserNew Jersey Devils1116
Cal PetersenSt-Louis Blues9119
Caleb JonesColorado Avalanche1190
Callum BoothBoston Bruins1187
Calvin ThurkaufAnaheim Ducks1279
Cam DineenDallas Stars1267
Cameron ClarkeSan Jose Sharks12177
Cameron HughesPhoenix Coyotes11172
Cameron MorrisonOttawa Senateurs1242
Carl GrundstromLos Angeles Kings1251
Carl NeillBoston Bruins1182
Carsen TwarynskiOttawa Senateurs12130
Carson SoucyBoston Bruins9159
Carter HartColumbus Blue Jackets1231
Casey FitzgeraldBuffalo Sabres12116
Chad KrysDallas Stars1275
Charles McAvoyTampa Bay Lightning126
Chase LangBuffalo Sabres10131
Chase PearsonVancouver Canucks11120
Chase PriskieMinnesota Wild12136
Chaz ReddekoppSt-Louis Blues11177
Chris CalnanColorado Avalanche883
Chris MartenetSt-Louis Blues11162
Christian JarosNew York Rangers1185
Christian WolaninMontreal Canadiens11134
Christoffer EhnWashington Capitals1075
Christopher BrownOttawa Senateurs10147
Christopher WilkieTampa Bay Lightning11164
Clayton KellerDallas Stars125
Cliff PuPittsburgh Penguins1260
Clinston FranklinSt-Louis Blues10104
Colin JacobsDallas Stars
Colin WhiteColumbus Blue Jackets
Collin AdamsSan Jose Sharks12147
Collin OlsonColumbus Blue Jackets8148
Colton PointPittsburgh Penguins129
Colton WhiteSt-Louis Blues11173
Conner HurleyPittsburgh Penguins981
Connor BunnamanBoston Bruins12113
Connor ChathamChicago Blackhawks10135
Connor CrispColorado Avalanche
Connor HallSan Jose Sharks12178
Connor HobbsPittsburgh Penguins11135
Connor IngramNew Jersey Devils1263
Cooper MarodyWashington Capitals11107
Cristiano DigiacintoSt-Louis Blues10174
Cristopher NilstorpMontreal Canadiens
Dakota JoshuaChicago Blackhawks10156
Dalton SmithVancouver Canucks
Damien RiatSt-Louis Blues12156
Daniel BernhardtFloride Panthers11131
Daniel DelisleMontreal Canadiens5163
Daniel MaggioWashington Capitals
Daniel SprongDetroit Red Wings
Daniel VladarVancouver Canucks11121
Daniel WalcottMontreal Canadiens
Daniil ZharkovDallas Stars863
Dante FabbroDallas Stars1222
Dave BollandDallas Stars
David BernhardtDallas Stars12123
David CottonPittsburgh Penguins11146
David KaseColumbus Blue Jackets11178
David KolomatisSan Jose Sharks
David PopeToronto Maple Leafs9114
David QuennevilleDallas Stars1280
Dennis CholowskiVancouver Canucks1252
Dennis GilbertSt-Louis Blues11171
Dennis YanWashington Capitals1162
Derek SmithVancouver Canucks
Deven SideroffBuffalo Sabres1197
Dillon DubeLos Angeles Kings1244
Dmitriy ZaitsevMontreal Canadiens12153
Dmitry SokolovNew Jersey Devils1268
Dmitry ZhukenovDetroit Red Wings11119
Dominic ToninatoCalgary Flames8116
Dylan GambrellPittsburgh Penguins1258
Dylan StromeColumbus Blue Jackets113
Dylan WellsPittsburgh Penguins1299
Eetu TuulolaPittsburgh Penguins12158
Elvis MerzlikinsDallas Stars1089
Emil GalimovMontreal Canadiens9180
Emil JohanssonNashville Predators10159
Emil PetterssonColumbus Blue Jackets9152
Eric KnodelFloride Panthers
Eric RoyMontreal Canadiens
Erik CernakAnaheim Ducks11128
Erik FoleySt-Louis Blues11145
Ethan BearAnaheim Ducks1153
Evan CormierColumbus Blue Jackets12172
Evan CowleyEdmonton Oilers9141
Evan FitzpatrickBoston Bruins1264
Felix SandstromToronto Maple Leafs11125
Filip AhlWashington Capitals1184
Filip BerglundMinnesota Wild1296
Filip ChlapikWinnipeg Jets1170
Filip GustavssonColumbus Blue Jackets1261
Filip HronekNew Jersey Devils1229
Filip LarssonSt-Louis Blues12143
Frederic AllardAnaheim Ducks1243
Frederik OlofssonNew York Rangers1080
Frederik TiffelsAnaheim Ducks11110
Fredrik BergevikBuffalo Sabres9145
Fredrik KarlstromNew Jersey Devils1256
Gabriel CarlssonAnaheim Ducks1155
Gabriel DesjardinsDallas Stars
Gabriel FontaineBoston Bruins12122
Gabryel Paquin-BoudreauBoston Bruins9120
Garrett MeursToronto Maple Leafs
Garrett PilonVancouver Canucks12101
Garrett ThompsonToronto Maple Leafs
German RubtsovNew Jersey Devils1217
Giorgio EstephanBoston Bruins11104
Givani SmithColorado Avalanche1271
Glenn GawdinBoston Bruins1193
Graham KnottSan Jose Sharks11129
Grant BesseToronto Maple Leafs9151
Guillaume BriseboisAnaheim Ducks1191
Gustav BourammanBoston Bruins11112
Gustav PosslerSt-Louis Blues994
Hampus MelenPhoenix Coyotes9142
Hardy Haman-AktellLos Angeles Kings12152
Harri IlvonenBoston Bruins
Hayden HawkeyMinnesota Wild10123
Henrik BorgstromEdmonton Oilers1216
Hudson ElynuikEdmonton Oilers1297
Igor ShesterkinMontreal Canadiens10110
Ilya SamsonovLos Angeles Kings1114
Ilya SorokinColorado Avalanche1073
Ivan ChukarovNashville Predators11163
Ivan NalimovPhoenix Coyotes10153
J.D GreenwayWashington Capitals1291
Jack GloverEdmonton Oilers1098
Jack KopackaBoston Bruins12133
Jack LafontaineCaroline Hurricanes12135
Jack NevinsLos Angeles Kings
Jack WalkerDallas Stars12146
Jackson HouckLos Angeles Kings9138
Jacob CederholmNew Jersey Devils12137
Jacob LarssonColorado Avalanche1125
Jacob MoverareNew Jersey Devils1289
Jake BeanDallas Stars1214
Jake EvansColumbus Blue Jackets10157
Jake KupskyCaroline Hurricanes11143
Jake WalmanPittsburgh Penguins1093
Jakob Forsbacka karlssonSan Jose Sharks1130
Jakob StenqvistNew Jersey Devils12125
Jakob StukelNew Jersey Devils12159
Jakub NakladalLos Angeles Kings
Jakub ZborilDetroit Red Wings1134
James De HaasCaroline Hurricanes8176
James MelindyBuffalo Sabres
Janne KuokkanenVancouver Canucks1241
Jansen HarkinsNashville Predators1140
Jared CowenBuffalo Sabres
Jason KasdorfMontreal Canadiens
Jean-Francois JacquesOttawa Senateurs
Jean-christophe BeaudinAnaheim Ducks1169
Jedd SolewayTampa Bay Lightning9165
Jeff TaffeOttawa Senateurs
Jeff TaylorPittsburgh Penguins10132
Jens LookeFloride Panthers11139
Jeremiah AddisonLos Angeles Kings11160
Jeremy BraccoSan Jose Sharks1149
Jeremy DaviesMinnesota Wild12120
Jeremy HelvigBuffalo Sabres12132
Jeremy LauzonAnaheim Ducks1131
Jeremy RoyColumbus Blue Jackets1133
Jerry D'AmigoMinnesota Wild
Jesper BrattDallas Stars12111
Jesper LindgrenEdmonton Oilers11144
Jesse GabrielleAnaheim Ducks1177
Jiri TlustyOttawa Senateurs
Joachim BlichfeldSt-Louis Blues12140
Joe WegwerthDallas Stars10111
Joey AndersonVancouver Canucks1273
Joey DaccordEdmonton Oilers11150
Joey DudekBuffalo Sabres10177
Joffrey LupulMontreal Canadiens
Johan FranzenOttawa Senateurs
John AlbertToronto Maple Leafs
John DahlstromMontreal Canadiens11155
John McCarronVancouver Canucks
John PiccinichPittsburgh Penguins10138
Johnathan MacLeodEdmonton Oilers10114
Jonas SiegenthalerPittsburgh Penguins11105
Jonathan AngBoston Bruins12115
Jonathan DahlenDallas Stars1226
Jonathan ParkerMontreal Canadiens
Joni TuulolaTampa Bay Lightning11154
Jonne TammelaSt-Louis Blues11124
Joona KoppanenSt-Louis Blues12142
Joonas LyytinenSt-Louis Blues10102
Jordan GreenwayWashington Capitals1156
Jordan KyrouCaroline Hurricanes1239
Jordan SambrookMinnesota Wild1270
Jordan StallardEdmonton Oilers12150
Joren Van PottelberghePhoenix Coyotes11151
Joseph CecconiSt-Louis Blues11174
Joseph MasoniusNew Jersey Devils12167
Joseph WollMinnesota Wild1274
Josh WesleySt-Louis Blues10144
Joshua MahuraColorado Avalanche1245
Judd PetersonDallas Stars8166
Julien GauthierDetroit Red Wings1220
Julien NantelSt-Louis Blues10148
Julien PelletierChicago Blackhawks10160
Julius NattinenBuffalo Sabres1137
Julius VahataloWashington Capitals10172
Justin HacheBoston Bruins
Justin HodgmanBuffalo Sabres
Kaapo KahkonenEdmonton Oilers1088
Kale ClagueCaroline Hurricanes1248
Karel VejmelkaNashville Predators11114
Karlis CuksteWashington Capitals11152
Kasper BjorkqvistColumbus Blue Jackets12121
Keegan IversonDallas Stars10169
Keegan KanzigBoston Bruins9158
Keegan KolesarSt-Louis Blues1173
Kellan LainLos Angeles Kings
Kelly SummersBuffalo Sabres10154
Kelly ZajacMontreal Canadiens
Kenny RyanOttawa Senateurs
Keven BouchardAnaheim Ducks10180
Kevin ElgestalPittsburgh Penguins10170
Kevin StenlundSt-Louis Blues11157
Kieffer BellowsSan Jose Sharks1227
Kirill GotovetsPhiladelphie Flyers
Kirill KaprizovColorado Avalanche1152
Konstantin VolkovNashville Predators12179
Kyle CapobiancoSt-Louis Blues1175
Kyle PettitChicago Blackhawks10178
Libor HajekNew Jersey Devils1249
Linus HogbergCaroline Hurricanes12144
Linus LindstromPittsburgh Penguins12164
Linus NassenNashville Predators12163
Linus SoderstromBuffalo Sabres1091
Logan BrownSan Jose Sharks1224
Logan StanleyToronto Maple Leafs1237
Louis BelpedioColorado Avalanche1045
Lucas CarlssonPittsburgh Penguins1281
Lucas JohansenCaroline Hurricanes1246
Lukas JasekPittsburgh Penguins11167
Lukas VejdemoColorado Avalanche1189
Luke GreenBoston Bruins12105
Luke KuninNew York Rangers1212
Luke OpilkaCaroline Hurricanes11113
Luke StevensNashville Predators11103
Manuel WiedererLos Angeles Kings12149
Marcus HögbergColumbus Blue Jackets992
Marcus PetterssonColorado Avalanche1066
Mark FriedmanVancouver Canucks10112
Mark VisentinDallas Stars
Markus NiemelainenDallas Stars12109
Markus NurmiSt-Louis Blues12162
Markus RuusuFloride Panthers11153
Martin GernatColumbus Blue Jackets
Martin OuelletteDallas Stars
Martin RewayMinnesota Wild974
Martins DzierkalsNew Jersey Devils1172
Mason AppeltonFloride Panthers11170
Mason McDonaldNew York Islanders1070
Mason RaymondBuffalo Sabres
Matej TomekNashville Predators1186
Matheson IacopelliEdmonton Oilers10167
Mathew BarzalDallas Stars1115
Mathias FromWashington Capitals12154
Mathieu JosephLos Angeles Kings1166
Matia MarcantuoniFloride Panthers
Matt BucklesColumbus Blue Jackets9176
Matt DeBlouwColumbus Blue Jackets8178
Matt EllisTampa Bay Lightning
Matt FilipeCaroline Hurricanes12114
Matt FinnCalgary Flames
Matt HalischukDetroit Red Wings
Matt RoySt-Louis Blues11161
Matt SchmalzBoston Bruins11101
Matt TomkinsNew Jersey Devils8150
Matthew BradleyLos Angeles Kings11106
Matthew CairnsCaroline Hurricanes12139
Matthew MisteleSt-Louis Blues10142
Matthew PhillipsEdmonton Oilers1272
Matthew SpencerMontreal Canadiens11109
Mattias ElfstromLos Angeles Kings180
Mattias JanmarkSt-Louis Blues
Max JonesColorado Avalanche1238
Max ReinhartToronto Maple Leafs
Maxim LetunovNew York Islanders1054
Maxim MaminLos Angeles Kings12104
Maxime LajoieMinnesota Wild1293
Maximilian PajpachNashville Predators10145
Merrick MadsenPittsburgh Penguins9172
Michael AmadioSt-Louis Blues1071
Michael BrodzinskiPittsburgh Penguins9111
Michael EyssimontBuffalo Sabres12124
Michael HouserDallas Stars
Michael KeranenBuffalo Sabres
Michael McLeodNew Jersey Devils1219
Michael PelechOttawa Senateurs
Michael PrapavessisPittsburgh Penguins10119
Michael SdaoWinnipeg Jets
Michael SpacekMontreal Canadiens1199
Mike CarmanOttawa Senateurs
Mike ClementeOttawa Senateurs
Mike McKeeVancouver Canucks8161
Mike ZalewskiTampa Bay Lightning
Mikhail BerdinPittsburgh Penguins12107
Mikhail GrabovskiSt-Louis Blues
Mikhail MaltsevBuffalo Sabres12138
Mikhail SergachevPhiladelphie Flyers1210
Mikhail VorobyovMontreal Canadiens11140
Miles GendronAnaheim Ducks10126
Miro AaltonenToronto Maple Leafs9105
Miro KarjalainenChicago Blackhawks10173
Mitchell StephensEdmonton Oilers1164
Mitchell Vande sompelEdmonton Oilers1178
Nathan BastianTampa Bay Lightning1257
Nathan NoelMontreal Canadiens12100
Nathan WalkerWinnipeg Jets
Nicholas BokaSt-Louis Blues11168
Nicholas CaamanoEdmonton Oilers1278
Nicholas MagyarEdmonton Oilers10118
Nicholas MerkleyTampa Bay Lightning1129
Nick JohnsonMontreal Canadiens
Nick MattsonPittsburgh Penguins
Nick SchneiderPittsburgh Penguins
Nick SpalingPittsburgh Penguins
Nicklas GrossmannOttawa Senateurs
Niclas AlmariDallas Stars12176
Nicolas MelocheSt-Louis Blues1147
Nicolas RoyColorado Avalanche1145
Nikita KorostelevMontreal Canadiens11127
Nikita PavlychevPittsburgh Penguins11180
Niklas HanssonNew Jersey Devils991
Nikolai ChebykinDallas Stars167
Nikolaj Krag ChristensenSt-Louis Blues12160
Nikolas KobersteinNashville Predators10149
Noah GregorDallas Stars1286
Noah JuulsenChicago Blackhawks1144
Noah RodSt-Louis Blues1082
Nolan StevensVancouver Canucks1282
Nolan VeseyMontreal Canadiens10155
Olivier ArchambaultColumbus Blue Jackets
Olivier LeBlancNew York Islanders10150
Olli JuoleviOttawa Senateurs1213
Oskar LindblomColumbus Blue Jackets1056
Oskar SteenCaroline Hurricanes12174
Otto KoivulaColorado Avalanche1255
Otto SomppiNashville Predators12175
Parker WotherspoonEdmonton Oilers1188
Pascal LabergeEdmonton Oilers1240
Patrick HarperPittsburgh Penguins1269
Patrick KudlaEdmonton Oilers12157
Patrick SheaSt-Louis Blues11166
Pavel JenysPittsburgh Penguins10134
Pavel KraskovskyWashington Capitals10121
Philip NybergSt-Louis Blues12166
Pierre EngvallPittsburgh Penguins10141
Pierre-Luc DuboisCaroline Hurricanes128
R.J. UmbergerLos Angeles Kings
Radoslav IlloMontreal Canadiens
Radovan BondraDetroit Red Wings11149
Rasmus AsplundNashville Predators1233
Ray WhitneyMontreal Canadiens
Reid DukeWashington Capitals10140
Rem PitlickCaroline Hurricanes1254
Rhett GardnerPittsburgh Penguins12165
Riley StillmanPittsburgh Penguins12126
Riley TuftePittsburgh Penguins1259
Robbie BaillargeonToronto Maple Leafs8151
Robin PressSt-Louis Blues9173
Rodrigo AbolsLos Angeles Kings12134
Roop HintzDallas Stars1143
Ross ColtonAnaheim Ducks1290
Roy RadkeSt-Louis Blues11179
Rudolf BalcersSt-Louis Blues11132
Ryan BednardSt-Louis Blues11175
Ryan CollinsChicago Blackhawks10103
Ryan DonatoColorado Avalanche1068
Ryan FitzgeraldColorado Avalanche959
Ryan GroppEdmonton Oilers1161
Ryan LindgrenColorado Avalanche1285
Ryan LohinBuffalo Sabres12161
Ryan ManthaCaroline Hurricanes10139
Ryan SegallaToronto Maple Leafs9117
Ryan SheaNew Jersey Devils11156
Saku MaenalanenVancouver Canucks9102
Sam LaffertyBuffalo Sabres10161
Sam RuoppSt-Louis Blues11147
Sam SteelBuffalo Sabres1215
Sami NikuWashington Capitals11122
Samuel FejesDallas Stars8165
Samuel GirardDallas Stars1223
Samuel KurkerPittsburgh Penguins898
Samuel MontembeaultColorado Avalanche1160
Scott GreenhamNew York Rangers
Scott TimminsDallas Stars
Sean DayColorado Avalanche1265
Sean MaguireAnaheim Ducks8115
Sean MaloneToronto Maple Leafs9161
Sergey ZborovskiyAnaheim Ducks1195
Shane EisermanPittsburgh Penguins10158
Shane GersichPittsburgh Penguins10133
Shawn O'DonnellBoston Bruins
Simon BourqueNew York Rangers11130
Spencer SmallmanBoston Bruins11102
Spencer WatsonTampa Bay Lightning1097
Stefan ElliottCaroline Hurricanes
Stepan FalkovskyMinnesota Wild1295
Stephen DesrocherSt-Louis Blues11142
Steve LorentzBoston Bruins11169
Steven DelisleMontreal Canadiens
Steven SpinnerPittsburgh Penguins10165
Stevie MosesLos Angeles Kings
Tanner KaspickNashville Predators12145
Tanner LaczynskiMinnesota Wild1287
Tarmo ReunanenEdmonton Oilers12148
Tate OlsonCaroline Hurricanes1196
Taylor CammarataCaroline Hurricanes977
Taylor RaddyshBoston Bruins1225
Teemu KivihalmePittsburgh Penguins9170
Terrance AmorosaNew Jersey Devils9178
Thomas ChabotDetroit Red Wings1120
Thomas NovakPittsburgh Penguins1171
Timothy GettingerWashington Capitals12102
Todd BurgessLos Angeles Kings12118
Tom NilssonColumbus Blue Jackets
Tom VanelliMontreal Canadiens935
Travis BrownColumbus Blue Jackets8146
Trent FredericWinnipeg Jets1236
Triston GrantAnaheim Ducks
Troy TerrySt-Louis Blues11141
Troy VanceMontreal Canadiens7149
Tucker PoolmanLos Angeles Kings997
Ty RonningSt-Louis Blues12128
Tyler BensonNew Jersey Devils1235
Tyler BiggsPhiladelphie Flyers
Tyler NannePittsburgh Penguins10168
Tyler ParsonsDetroit Red Wings1250
Tyler SoySan Jose Sharks12117
Tyler VeselCaroline Hurricanes10109
Tyler WallPittsburgh Penguins12108
Tyson JostNew Jersey Devils129
Valeri NichushkinToronto Maple Leafs
Vasily GlotovCalgary Flames12127
Veeti VainioFloride Panthers11137
Victor BartleyNew York Islanders
Victor MeteMinnesota Wild1262
Victor OlofssonColorado Avalanche10100
Vili SaarijärviColorado Avalanche1179
Vincent DunnToronto Maple Leafs
Vitaly AbramovMinnesota Wild1221
Vladimir BobylevNew York Rangers12131
Vladislav GavrikovPittsburgh Penguins11165
Vojtech BudikSt-Louis Blues12173
Wade AllisonLos Angeles Kings1253
Wade MurphyNew Jersey Devils9164
Warren FoegelePittsburgh Penguins10117
Wilhelm WestlundCaroline Hurricanes9175
Will ButcherMontreal Canadiens987
William BittenLos Angeles Kings1276
William BorgenNew York Rangers11100
William LagessonDetroit Red Wings10124
William LockwoodMinnesota Wild12110
Wouter PeetersPittsburgh Penguins12106
Yakov TreninBuffalo Sabres1167
Yann SauveBoston Bruins
Yegor KorshkovMinnesota Wild1277
Yegor RykovDallas Stars1288
Zach BoychukTampa Bay Lightning
Zach NastasiukColorado Avalanche
Zach O'BrienColumbus Blue Jackets
Zach PochiroSt-Louis Blues9133
Zach TrotmanFloride Panthers
Zachary FucalePittsburgh Penguins
Zachary NagelvoortOttawa Senateurs10163
Zachary SenyshynMontreal Canadiens1135
Zachary StepanMinnesota Wild877
Ziyat PaiginPhoenix Coyotes1163