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Astuces sur les Filtres (Anglais seulement)
1| or  OR Logical "or" (Vertical bar). Filter the column for content that matches text from either side of the bar
2 &&  or  AND Logical "and". Filter the column for content that matches text from either side of the operator.
3/\d/Add any regex to the query to use in the query ("mig" flags can be included /\w/mig)
4< <= >= >Find alphabetical or numerical values less than or greater than or equal to the filtered query
5! or !=Not operator, or not exactly match. Filter the column with content that do not match the query. Include an equal (=), single (') or double quote (") to exactly not match a filter.
6" or =To exactly match the search query, add a quote, apostrophe or equal sign to the beginning and/or end of the query
7 -  or  to Find a range of values. Make sure there is a space before and after the dash (or the word "to")
8?Wildcard for a single, non-space character.
8*Wildcard for zero or more non-space characters.
9~Perform a fuzzy search (matches sequential characters) by adding a tilde to the beginning of the query
10textAny text entered in the filter will match text found within the column
Éspoir Nom de l'ÉquipeAnnée de Repêchage Choix Total Information Lien
A.J. WhiteCarolina Hurricanes
Aapeli RasanenVegas Golden Knights1292
Aarne TalvitieLos Angeles Kings13119
Aaron PalushajAnaheim Ducks
Adam BoqvistLos Angeles Kings145
Adam CarlsonFlorida Panthers
Adam ChapieFlorida Panthers
Adam ComriePhiladelphia Flyers
Adam FoxDallas Stars1232
Adam GilmourEdmonton Oilers
Adam GinningPhiladelphia Flyers1461
Adam KubikDetroit Red Wings13180
Adam MarshBoston Bruins11126
Adam RuzickaPittsburgh Penguins1383
Adam WernerSt. Louis Blues12168
Aidan DudasNew York Rangers14138
Aidan MuirNashville Predators9157
Akil ThomasCarolina Hurricanes1422
Akim AliuColumbus Blue Jackets
Akira SchmidBuffalo Sabres14153
Alban ErikssonNew York Rangers1451
Alec RegulaSt. Louis Blues1473
Aleksi HeponiemiMinnesota Wild138
Ales HemskyCarolina Hurricanes
Alex FormentonNew Jersey Devils1340
Alex FriesenPhiladelphia Flyers
Alex GrantSan Jose Sharks
Alex GudbransonFlorida Panthers
Alex Kannok-LeipertNew York Islanders14181
Alex PetrovicVancouver Canucks
Alex SchoenbornEdmonton Oilers
Alexander AlexeyevSan Jose Sharks1424
Alexander BurmistrovCalgary Flames
Alexander DergachyovVancouver Canucks11123
Alexander KhovanovNew Jersey Devils1443
Alexander RomanovMinnesota Wild1423
Alexandre TexierOttawa Senators1339
Alexei EmelinOttawa Senators
Alexei LipanovColumbus Blue Jackets1380
Alexey ToropchenkoVegas Golden Knights1394
Alexis GravelOttawa Senators1477
Allan McShaneVegas Golden Knights1497
Anatoli GolyshevWashington Capitals1284
Anders LindbackDetroit Red Wings
Andre BenoitToronto Maple Leafs
Andrei AltybarmakyanBuffalo Sabres1390
Andrei MarkovEdmonton Oilers
Andrei MironovWashington Capitals
Andrei SvetlakovBuffalo Sabres13161
Andrew BodnarchukFlorida Panthers
Andrew DesjardinsNew York Islanders
Andrew MillerToronto Maple Leafs
Andrew NielsonSt. Louis Blues
Andrew O'BrienNew York Islanders
Andrew PeekePittsburgh Penguins1283
Andrew WelinskiCalgary Flames
Andy MieleToronto Maple Leafs
Angus CrookshankSt. Louis Blues14147
Anthony AngeloPittsburgh Penguins10166
Anthony CamaraWashington Capitals
Anthony PetersLos Angeles Kings
Anthony SalinitriNashville Predators12155
Antoine LaganiereWinnipeg Jets
Antoine MorandMontreal Canadiens1335
Antoine VermettePittsburgh Penguins
Anton KarlssonWinnipeg Jets1085
Anton SlepyshevBuffalo Sabres
Arnaud DurandeauNew York Islanders13177
Artem ManukyanDallas Stars14165
Artur KayumovDallas Stars1298
Arvid HolmPhoenix Coyotes13174
Audrey PetanNashville Predators
Austen BrassardToronto Maple Leafs
Austin CarrollColorado Avalanche
Austin WongVegas Golden Knights14135
Avery PetersonNew York Rangers9171
Axel AnderssonNew York Rangers1485
Barrett HaytonWinnipeg Jets1414
Beau BennettNew York Rangers
Beau StarrettChicago Blackhawks10108
Ben JonesEdmonton Oilers13110
Ben MarshallMinnesota Wild
Benjamin FinkelsteinAnaheim Ducks1294
Benjamin MirageasNashville Predators13117
Benoit-Olivier GroulxOttawa Senators1446
Benton MaassNew Jersey Devils13140
Blade JenkinsPittsburgh Penguins14139
Blake McLaughlinDetroit Red Wings1471
Bode WildeLos Angeles Kings1426
Boyd GordonNew Jersey Devils
Brady AustinOttawa Senators
Brady VailSan Jose Sharks
Branden TroockNew York Islanders
Brandon AldersonColumbus Blue Jackets
Brandon BolligToronto Maple Leafs
Brandon BurlonToronto Maple Leafs
Brandon GormleyNew Jersey Devils
Brandon HagelNashville Predators12103
Brandon KruseNashville Predators14121
Brandon MashinterPhiladelphia Flyers
Brandon SaigeonBuffalo Sabres14145
Brendan RanfordMinnesota Wild
Brendan WarrenAnaheim Ducks11148
Brenden KichtonMinnesota Wild
Brent GatesSt. Louis Blues11176
Brent RegnerNew Jersey Devils
Brett McKenzieSt. Louis Blues12151
Brett StapleySt. Louis Blues14178
Brett SterlingToronto Maple Leafs
Brian FerlinColorado Avalanche
Brian HartColorado Avalanche
Brodie DupontAnaheim Ducks
Brody SutterChicago Blackhawks
Bryan BickellEdmonton Oilers
Bryce AneloskiSan Jose Sharks
Bryce Van BrabantPhiladelphia Flyers
Brycen MartinSt. Louis Blues
Bulat ShafigullinColumbus Blue Jackets14105
C.J. MotteNew York Rangers
Cal HeeterColumbus Blue Jackets
Cale MakarToronto Maple Leafs139
Calen AddisonPittsburgh Penguins1438
Callan FooteCalgary Flames1325
Cam HillisPhiladelphia Flyers14104
Cameron ClarkeSan Jose Sharks12177
Cameron CrottyPhiladelphia Flyers13137
Cameron MorrisonOttawa Senators1242
Casey FitzgeraldBuffalo Sabres12116
Cayden PrimeauEdmonton Oilers1364
Cedric PareNew York Islanders13185
Chad BillinsNew Jersey Devils
Chad KrysDallas Stars1275
Chase LangBuffalo Sabres
Chase PriskieMinnesota Wild12136
Chris KellyColumbus Blue Jackets
Chris MartenetSt. Louis Blues11162
Chris NeilSan Jose Sharks
Chris PorterAnaheim Ducks
Chris StewartWinnipeg Jets
Chris VandeVeldeColorado Avalanche
Christian ThomasSan Jose Sharks
Christoph BertschyMinnesota Wild
Christopher BrownOttawa Senators10147
Christopher DidomenicoSan Jose Sharks
Christopher WilkieTampa Bay Lightning11164
Clayton PhillipsVegas Golden Knights13154
Clayton StonerPhiladelphia Flyers
Clinston FranklinSt. Louis Blues10104
Cody FransonEdmonton Oilers
Cody GlassNew Jersey Devils1311
Cody KunykColumbus Blue Jackets
Cole CasselsDetroit Red Wings
Cole FonstadSan Jose Sharks14148
Cole GuttmanPittsburgh Penguins13179
Cole HultsColumbus Blue Jackets13166
Cole KoepkeVegas Golden Knights14127
Colin SmithCalgary Flames
Collin AdamsSan Jose Sharks12147
Conner HurleyPittsburgh Penguins981
Connor CorcoranNew York Islanders14174
Connor DewarPittsburgh Penguins1452
Connor HallSan Jose Sharks12178
Conor AllenColorado Avalanche
Conor TimminsCalgary Flames1313
Craig CunninghamAnaheim Ducks
Curtis DouglasWashington Capitals14149
Curtis HallFlorida Panthers
D'Artagnan JolyNashville Predators13111
Dakota JoshuaChicago Blackhawks10156
Damian GirouxNew York Islanders14154
Damien RiatSt. Louis Blues12156
Daniel AltshullerColorado Avalanche
Daniel BukacSan Jose Sharks13186
Daniel CatenacciColumbus Blue Jackets
Daniel WinnikAnaheim Ducks
Daniil TarasovNashville Predators13123
Danila ZhuravlyovPittsburgh Penguins14144
Danny KristoNashville Predators
Dante FabbroDallas Stars1222
Darren DietzMinnesota Wild
Darren KramerChicago Blackhawks
David BernhardtDallas Stars12123
David BoothPhiladelphia Flyers
David BrollNew York Islanders
David CottonPittsburgh Penguins11146
David DesharnaisAnaheim Ducks
David FarranceMontreal Canadiens13120
David GustafssonCalgary Flames1469
David HrenakPhoenix Coyotes14164
David MusilAnaheim Ducks
David NoelLos Angeles Kings13135
David QuennevilleDallas Stars1280
David ShieldsToronto Maple Leafs
David TendeckPittsburgh Penguins14184
Dawson BarteauxMontreal Canadiens14185
Declan ChisholmWinnipeg Jets14119
Demetrios KoumontzisMontreal Canadiens14160
Denis SmirnovMinnesota Wild1388
Dennis BusbyVegas Golden Knights14118
Dennis RasmussenVancouver Canucks
Dennis WidemanAnaheim Ducks
Derek MacKenzieNew Jersey Devils
Devin SetoguchiBuffalo Sabres
Dmitri SamorukovPittsburgh Penguins1382
Dmitri SemykinPittsburgh Penguins14151
Dmitriy ZaitsevMontreal Canadiens12153
Dmitry ZavgorodniyWinnipeg Jets14125
Dmitry ZhukenovDetroit Red Wings11119
Dominik BokkCarolina Hurricanes1421
Drew MillerOttawa Senators
Dylan FergusonPhoenix Coyotes
Dylan LabbeToronto Maple Leafs
Dylan SambergSan Jose Sharks1345
Eddie PasqualeOttawa Senators
Eemeli RasanenMontreal Canadiens1393
Eetu LuostarinenNashville Predators1384
Eetu MakiniemiAnaheim Ducks13162
Eetu PakkilaPittsburgh Penguins14170
Eetu TuulolaPittsburgh Penguins12158
Elvis MerzilikinsPittsburgh Penguins
Emerson EtemSan Jose Sharks
Emil BemstromSt. Louis Blues1389
Emil GalimovMontreal Canadiens9180
Eric GelinasSan Jose Sharks
Erik FoleySt. Louis Blues11145
Ethan WerekOttawa Senators
Evan BarrattNew Jersey Devils1386
Evan BouchardDetroit Red Wings148
Evan CowleyEdmonton Oilers
Evgeni DadonovColumbus Blue Jackets
Evgeny SvechnikovFlorida Panthers
Fabian ZetterlundBuffalo Sabres1374
Filip BerglundMinnesota Wild1296
Filip HallanderNew Jersey Devils1442
Filip JohanssonLos Angeles Kings1484
Filip KralDallas Stars14114
Filip LarssonSt. Louis Blues12143
Filip WesterlundColumbus Blue Jackets13109
Francis BeauvillierSan Jose Sharks
Francois BeaucheminAnaheim Ducks
Freddie TiffelsAnaheim Ducks
Frederik OlofssonNew York Rangers1080
Fredrik KarlstromNew Jersey Devils1256
Gabriel FortierOttawa Senators1466
Gabriel VilardiDetroit Red Wings135
Garrett MitchellWinnipeg Jets
Garrett NoonanSt. Louis Blues
Gilles SennPittsburgh Penguins13170
Giorgio EstephanBoston Bruins11104
Giovanni VallatiWashington Capitals14109
Graham BlackWinnipeg Jets
Grant BesseToronto Maple Leafs9151
Grant MismashPittsburgh Penguins1375
Greg ChaseNashville Predators
Grigori DenisenkoColorado Avalanche1412
Gus YoungNashville Predators
Gustav LindstromVegas Golden Knights1362
Gustav OlofssonNashville Predators
Hardy Haman-AktellVegas Golden Knights12152
Hayden HawkeyMinnesota Wild10123
Henri IkonenCalgary Flames
Henrik HaapalaSan Jose Sharks
Henrik SedinChicago Blackhawks
Henrik ZetterbergPhiladelphia Flyers
Hunter DrewNew York Rangers14124
Hunter SmithAnaheim Ducks
Ian MitchellNashville Predators1346
Ian ScottLos Angeles Kings13146
Igor ShesterkinMontreal Canadiens10110
Iiro PakarinenPhiladelphia Flyers
Ilya SorokinColorado Avalanche1073
Isaac RatcliffeWinnipeg Jets1353
Ivan ChekhovichMontreal Canadiens1373
Ivan ChukarovNashville Predators11163
Ivan LodniaWashington Capitals1371
Ivan MorozovVancouver Canucks1494
Ivan NalimovVegas Golden Knights10153
Ivan ProsvetovSt. Louis Blues14100
J.D GreenwayWashington Capitals1291
Jachym KondelikNew Jersey Devils1463
Jack AdamsVegas Golden Knights13125
Jack BadiniAnaheim Ducks13142
Jack DruryLos Angeles Kings1445
Jack GloverEdmonton Oilers1098
Jack LafontaineCarolina Hurricanes12135
Jack McBainBuffalo Sabres1480
Jack RathboneMontreal Canadiens13127
Jack StudnickaDetroit Red Wings1347
Jack WalkerDallas Stars
Jack WalkerNashville Predators12146
Jacob Bernard-DockerNew Jersey Devils1441
Jacob BrysonSt. Louis Blues13133
Jacob CederholmNew Jersey Devils12137
Jacob JosefsonCarolina Hurricanes
Jacob MacDonaldEdmonton Oilers
Jacob MoverareNew Jersey Devils1289
Jacob OlofssonMinnesota Wild1449
Jacob PetersonVancouver Canucks13104
Jaedon DescheneauNashville Predators
Jake DowellEdmonton Oilers
Jake KupskyCarolina Hurricanes11143
Jake LeschyshynColumbus Blue Jackets1395
Jake McGrewNew York Islanders13151
Jake PivonkaPittsburgh Penguins14143
Jake WiseDallas Stars1456
Jakob RagnarssonPhiladelphia Flyers14103
Jakob StenqvistNew Jersey Devils12125
Jakub GalvasDetroit Red Wings13160
Jakub KindlPhiladelphia Flyers
Jakub LaukoOttawa Senators1476
Jakub SkarekMinnesota Wild1489
Jamie McBainPittsburgh Penguins
Jan DrozgPhoenix Coyotes13100
Jan JenikLos Angeles Kings1464
Jan KostalekVancouver Canucks
Jannik HansenFlorida Panthers
Jared BollToronto Maple Leafs
Jared McIsaacVegas Golden Knights1427
Jaret Anderson-DolanDetroit Red Wings1334
Jaromir JagrBuffalo Sabres
Jarret TyszkaNashville Predators13145
Jason AkesonAnaheim Ducks
Jason RobertsonDetroit Red Wings1336
Jay O'BrienCarolina Hurricanes1468
Jean-Christophe BeaudinAnaheim Ducks
Jean-Francois BerubeChicago Blackhawks
Jeff HogganWinnipeg Jets
Jeff MalcolmColumbus Blue Jackets
Jeff ZatkoffEdmonton Oilers
Jeremiah AddisonVancouver Canucks
Jeremy DaviesMinnesota Wild12120
Jeremy GregoireColorado Avalanche
Jeremy MorinAnaheim Ducks
Jeremy SwaymanDetroit Red Wings1398
Jesper BoqvistDallas Stars1350
Jesper EliassonBuffalo Sabres14141
Jesper LindgrenEdmonton Oilers11144
Jesper SellgrenPhoenix Coyotes14102
Jesse GabrielleAnaheim Ducks
Jesse YlonenEdmonton Oilers1434
Jett WooDetroit Red Wings1439
Jiri PateraMontreal Canadiens13182
Joachim BlichfeldEdmonton Oilers12140
Jocktan ChaineyWinnipeg Jets13108
Joe VelenoMinnesota Wild1416
Joe WegwerthNashville Predators10111
Joel FarabeePittsburgh Penguins1419
Joel HoferAnaheim Ducks14133
Joey DudekBuffalo Sabres10177
Joey KeaneDetroit Red Wings14130
Johan SodergranMinnesota Wild14101
John DahlstromMontreal Canadiens11155
John LeonardPittsburgh Penguins14132
John MitchellFlorida Panthers
John NegrinColumbus Blue Jackets
John PiccinichPittsburgh Penguins10138
John St. IvanyCarolina Hurricanes14113
John-Michael LilesToronto Maple Leafs
Johnathan KovacevicVegas Golden Knights1366
Johnathan MacLeodEdmonton Oilers10114
Jonas RondbjergSan Jose Sharks13121
Jonatan BerggrenDetroit Red Wings1437
Jonathan DavidssonColorado Avalanche1354
Jonathan DuganVegas Golden Knights13112
Jonathan GrudenVancouver Canucks14129
Jonathan RacineDetroit Red Wings
Joni IkonenMinnesota Wild1377
Jonny TychonickColumbus Blue Jackets1474
Jordan HarrisAnaheim Ducks14110
Jordan HollettCarolina Hurricanes13165
Jordan KooyCarolina Hurricanes14146
Jordan SambrookMinnesota Wild1270
Jordan Samuels-ThomasNew York Islanders
Jordan StallardEdmonton Oilers12150
Joren Van PottelbergheFlorida Panthers11151
Joseph CecconiSt. Louis Blues11174
Joseph MasoniusNew Jersey Devils12167
Joseph WollMinnesota Wild1274
Josh BrookColorado Avalanche1361
Josh GorgesWinnipeg Jets
Josh HennessyCalgary Flames
Joshua EssPittsburgh Penguins13163
Joshua MahuraColorado Avalanche1245
Joshua NorrisCarolina Hurricanes1338
Joshua WinquistColumbus Blue Jackets
Josiah SlavinMontreal Canadiens14186
Judd PetersonDallas Stars8166
Julius NattinenBuffalo Sabres
Julius VahataloWashington Capitals10172
Justin AlmeidaWinnipeg Jets1475
Justin FlorekBoston Bruins
Justin KeaColorado Avalanche
Justin PetersChicago Blackhawks
Justin SchutzCalgary Flames14134
Justin VaiveVancouver Canucks
Justus AnnunenVegas Golden Knights1498
Jyrki JokipakkaBuffalo Sabres
K'Andre MillerCarolina Hurricanes1420
Karel VejmelkaNashville Predators11114
Karl StolleryToronto Maple Leafs
Karlis CuksteWashington Capitals11152
Kasper BjorkqvistColumbus Blue Jackets12121
Kasper KotkansaloPittsburgh Penguins13139
Keegan IversonNashville Predators10169
Keegan KanzigBoston Bruins9158
Keith AulieChicago Blackhawks
Keith PetruzzelliDallas Stars13134
Kelly SummersBuffalo Sabres10154
Kenney MorrisonNew York Rangers
Kent SimpsonMinnesota Wild
Kevin BahlVancouver Canucks1460
Kevin BieksaColorado Avalanche
Kevin KleinCarolina Hurricanes
Kevin LynchVancouver Canucks
Kevin MandoleseBoston Bruins14126
Kirill GotovetsPhiladelphia Flyers
Kirill KaprizovColorado Avalanche1152
Kirill MaksimovPittsburgh Penguins1379
Kirill MarchenkoVegas Golden Knights1440
Kirill UstimenkoOttawa Senators1397
Klas DahlbeckWashington Capitals
Kody ClarkWinnipeg Jets1495
Konstantin VolkovNashville Predators12179
Kris NewburyAnaheim Ducks
Kris VersteegOttawa Senators
Kristers GudlevskisWashington Capitals
Kristian Roykas-MarthinsenMontreal Canadiens13153
Kristoffer GunnarssonAnaheim Ducks13169
Kyle BaunNew Jersey Devils
Kyle FlanaganToronto Maple Leafs
Kyle PlatzerDetroit Red Wings
Kyle QuinceyBuffalo Sabres
Lance BoumaNew Jersey Devils
Lane ZablockiAnaheim Ducks13155
Lauri KorpikoskiColumbus Blue Jackets
Lauri PajuniemiBuffalo Sabres14179
Leland IrvingNew Jersey Devils
Lenni KillinenNew York Rangers14169
Leon GawankeColumbus Blue Jackets13171
Levko KoperDallas Stars
Liam FoudyPhiladelphia Flyers1431
Liam HawelOttawa Senators13152
Liam KirkWashington Capitals14128
Linden VeyNashville Predators
Linus ArnessonColorado Avalanche
Linus CronholmBuffalo Sabres14183
Linus HogbergCarolina Hurricanes12144
Linus KarlssonNew York Rangers1487
Linus LindstromPittsburgh Penguins12164
Linus NassenNashville Predators12163
Linus SoderstromCalgary Flames1091
Linus WeissbachSt. Louis Blues13131
Logan CockerillSt. Louis Blues13144
Logan HutskoNew York Rangers1478
Loic LeducBoston Bruins
Luc SnuggerudPittsburgh Penguins
Luca SbisaNew York Rangers
Lucas ElvenesDetroit Red Wings1367
Lukas DostalDetroit Red Wings1450
Luke HenmanOttawa Senators14180
Luke MartinWashington Capitals13103
Luke OpilkaCarolina Hurricanes11113
Luke StevensNashville Predators11103
Mac BennettWinnipeg Jets
Mac CarruthColorado Avalanche
Mac HollowellPittsburgh Penguins1465
Mackenzie EntwistleOttawa Senators13101
Maksim SushkoSt. Louis Blues1396
Maksim ZhukovSan Jose Sharks1392
Malte SetkovSt. Louis Blues13175
Mantas ArmalisNashville Predators
Marc MethotCalgary Flames
Marco RoyPhiladelphia Flyers
Marcus DavidssonColorado Avalanche1351
Marcus HögbergColumbus Blue Jackets992
Marcus KarlbergWashington Capitals14108
Marek HrivikNashville Predators
Marek LanghamerNashville Predators
Marian GaborikColumbus Blue Jackets
Mario FerraroColorado Avalanche1360
Mario LuciaCalgary Flames
Mark FraserColorado Avalanche
Mark MacMillanToronto Maple Leafs
Mark OlverNew York Rangers
Mark StreitToronto Maple Leafs
Mark ZengerleFlorida Panthers
Markus NiemelainenDallas Stars12109
Markus NurmiSt. Louis Blues12162
Markus PhillipsNashville Predators13102
Markus RuusuFlorida Panthers11153
Martin FehervaryPittsburgh Penguins1448
Martin PospisilVancouver Canucks1490
Martins DzierkalsNew Jersey Devils1172
Mason McDonaldNew York Islanders
Mason RaymondBuffalo Sabres
Mat ClarkVancouver Canucks
Matej MachovskyWinnipeg Jets
Matej PekarSan Jose Sharks1486
Matej StranskyBoston Bruins
Matej TomekNashville Predators1186
Mathias Emilio PettersenDallas Stars1467
Mathias FromWashington Capitals12154
Mathias LaferriereBuffalo Sabres1491
Matt BrassardSt. Louis Blues13141
Matt BucklesColumbus Blue Jackets
Matt CareyDetroit Red Wings
Matt CarleToronto Maple Leafs
Matt FilipeCarolina Hurricanes12114
Matt GreeneAnaheim Ducks
Matt HackettSan Jose Sharks
Matt LashoffToronto Maple Leafs
Matt MacKenzieSt. Louis Blues
Matt SchmalzBoston Bruins11101
Matt TomkinsNew Jersey Devils
Matt VillaltaVegas Golden Knights1363
Matthew BradleyLos Angeles Kings11106
Matthew CairnsCarolina Hurricanes12139
Matthew StromeNew York Rangers1368
Matthew ThiessenBuffalo Sabres14162
Mattias BackmanPhiladelphia Flyers
Mattias SamuelssonPittsburgh Penguins1458
Max FribergNew York Islanders
Max ReinhartToronto Maple Leafs
Maxim MaminLos Angeles Kings
Maximilian PajpachNashville Predators
Maxwell GildonNew Jersey Devils1355
Michael AndersonOttawa Senators1370
Michael BournivalSan Jose Sharks
Michael BrodzinskiPittsburgh Penguins
Michael DowningVancouver Canucks
Michael EyssimontBuffalo Sabres12124
Michael KarowSan Jose Sharks13167
Michael KesselringPittsburgh Penguins14168
Michael KostkaCarolina Hurricanes
Michael LattaNew York Rangers
Michael MathesonToronto Maple Leafs
Mikael HakkarainenMontreal Canadiens14111
Mike BlundenPhiladelphia Flyers
Mike BrownColumbus Blue Jackets
Mike FisherSt. Louis Blues
Mike HalmoNashville Predators
Mike WeberColumbus Blue Jackets
Mikhail GrigorenkoCalgary Flames
Mikhail MaltsevBuffalo Sabres12138
Milan KloucekCarolina Hurricanes14172
Miles GendronAnaheim Ducks10126
Milos RomanDallas Stars14112
Miro AaltonenToronto Maple Leafs
Mitch MarnerWashington Capitals
Mitch MorozVancouver Canucks
Mitchell HeardVancouver Canucks
Mitchell HoelscherOttawa Senators14182
Morgan BarronWinnipeg Jets13106
Morgan EllisWinnipeg Jets
Morgan FrostCalgary Flames1327
Nail YakupovCalgary Flames
Nate SchnarrOttawa Senators13132
Nathan SmithNew York Rangers14155
Nic KerdilesColorado Avalanche
Nicholas BokaSt. Louis Blues11168
Nick CampoliVancouver Canucks13149
Nick EllisSan Jose Sharks
Nick HenryPhiladelphia Flyers13105
Nick LeivermannEdmonton Oilers13176
Nick SchultzDallas Stars
Nick ShoreVancouver Canucks
Nick SorensenNew Jersey Devils
Nick SuzukiDallas Stars1323
Nick SwaneyBuffalo Sabres13183
Nick TarnaskyColumbus Blue Jackets
Nicklas JensenSt. Louis Blues
Nicklaus PerbixVancouver Canucks13126
Niclas AlmariNashville Predators
Niclas AlmariDallas Stars12176
Nicolas BeaudinPittsburgh Penguins1432
Nicolas HagueCarolina Hurricanes1331
Nicolas KerdilesColorado Avalanche
Nikita PavlychevPittsburgh Penguins11180
Nikita TryamkinDallas Stars
Niklas NordgrenCarolina Hurricanes1455
Niklas SvedbergPhiladelphia Flyers
Nikolai ChebykinDallas Stars167
Nikolai KovalenkoMinnesota Wild1479
Nikolaj Krag ChristensenSt. Louis Blues12160
Nikolas KobersteinNashville Predators10149
Nils LundkvistDallas Stars1444
Noah CatesNew Jersey Devils13115
Noah DobsonOttawa Senators1410
Noah GregorDallas Stars1286
Noel HoefenmayerMontreal Canadiens13128
Oliver WahlstromNew York Islanders1411
Olivier ArchambaultColumbus Blue Jackets
Olivier RodrigueCalgary Flames1459
Olle Eriksson EkVegas Golden Knights13107
Olle LycksellSt. Louis Blues13164
Olof LindbomDallas Stars1492
Oskar BackNew York Rangers14117
Oskar SteenCarolina Hurricanes12174
Oskari LaaksonenNashville Predators13116
Ostap SafinSan Jose Sharks1372
Otto KivenmakiMinnesota Wild14123
Owen TippettTampa Bay Lightning1315
Parker FooChicago Blackhawks13184
Patrice CormierAnaheim Ducks
Patrick DwyerDetroit Red Wings
Patrick HarperPittsburgh Penguins1269
Patrick KudlaEdmonton Oilers12157
Patrick MaroonNew York Islanders
Patrick McNallyPhiladelphia Flyers
Patrick SheaSt. Louis Blues11166
Patrick WierciochNew York Islanders
Patrik SiikanenCalgary Flames14163
Patrik VirtaWashington Capitals13118
Paul BissonnettePhiladelphia Flyers
Pavel JenysPittsburgh Penguins
Pavel KoltyginMontreal Canadiens13150
Pavel KraskovskyWashington Capitals10121
Pavel ShenPittsburgh Penguins13181
Pavel ShenPittsburgh Penguins1496
Peter DiliberatorePittsburgh Penguins14131
Petr KvacaSt. Louis Blues13172
Petr StrakaSan Jose Sharks
Petter GranbergEdmonton Oilers
Petteri LindbohmColorado Avalanche
Phil LaneVancouver Canucks
Philip KempPittsburgh Penguins13143
Philip LarsenNashville Predators
Philip McRaeColorado Avalanche
Philip NybergSt. Louis Blues12166
Philipp KurashevVegas Golden Knights1447
Pierre-Cedric LabrieToronto Maple Leafs
Pierre-Olivier JosephToronto Maple Leafs1333
Pontus HolmbergNew York Islanders14156
Quentin ShoreToronto Maple Leafs
Quinn HughesNew Jersey Devils143
Quinton HowdenColumbus Blue Jackets
Radim SaldaNew York Rangers14157
Radim VrbataBuffalo Sabres
Radovan BondraDetroit Red Wings11149
Rasmus KupariCalgary Flames1415
Reece ScarlettBuffalo Sabres
Reid GardinerCalgary Flames
Reid PetrykFlorida Panthers
Reilly WalshPittsburgh Penguins1376
Rem PitlickCarolina Hurricanes1254
Rene BourquePhiladelphia Flyers
Rick NashAnaheim Ducks
Riley DamianiNew York Rangers1488
Riley HughesEdmonton Oilers14171
Riley StottsAnaheim Ducks14142
Riley SutterDetroit Red Wings1499
Riley TuftePittsburgh Penguins1259
Robin NorellColumbus Blue Jackets
Robin SaloCalgary Flames13113
Rod PelleyVancouver Canucks
Rodrigo AbolsLos Angeles Kings12134
Roman DurnyPhoenix Coyotes14136
Roope LaavainenNashville Predators13178
Ruslan IskhakovLos Angeles Kings1433
Ryan BednardSt. Louis Blues11175
Ryan CarterOttawa Senators
Ryan CraigSan Jose Sharks
Ryan GarbuttToronto Maple Leafs
Ryan HamiltonToronto Maple Leafs
Ryan JohnstonDallas Stars
Ryan LohinBuffalo Sabres12161
Ryan MacInnisPittsburgh Penguins
Ryan ManthaCarolina Hurricanes
Ryan McLeodEdmonton Oilers1454
Ryan MerkleyPhiladelphia Flyers1418
Ryan O'ReillyMontreal Canadiens1483
Ryan PennyToronto Maple Leafs
Ryan PoehlingNew York Rangers1332
Ryan RupertNew York Islanders
Ryan SheaNew Jersey Devils11156
Sam BrittainNew Jersey Devils
Sam HentgesCarolina Hurricanes14166
Sampo RantaPittsburgh Penguins1472
Samuel ErssonMinnesota Wild1457
Samuel HoudeOttawa Senators14152
Samuel LabergeAnaheim Ducks
Samuel MontembeaultColorado Avalanche
Samuel MorinDetroit Red Wings
Samuel WalkerVancouver Canucks13148
Santeri VirtanenNashville Predators13147
Santtu KinnunenCalgary Flames14137
Sasha ChmelevskiMinnesota Wild1357
Scott CzarnowczanColorado Avalanche
Scott HartnellFlorida Panthers
Scott PerunovichColorado Avalanche1435
Scott ReedyDallas Stars13130
Scott WalfordAnaheim Ducks13136
Scottie UpshallWashington Capitals
Sean DurziCarolina Hurricanes1453
Sean MaguireAnaheim Ducks
Sebastian AhoDLos Angeles Kings
Semyon Der-ArguchintsevVegas Golden Knights1493
Sena AcolatseCalgary Flames
Sergey KalininPhiladelphia Flyers
Sergey TolchinskyChicago Blackhawks
Sergey ZborovskiyAnaheim Ducks
Serron NoelSan Jose Sharks1430
Seth BartonMontreal Canadiens14116
Shamil ShmakovNew York Rangers14175
Shane BowersSan Jose Sharks1349
Shane EisermanNew York Rangers10158
Shane HarperBuffalo Sabres
Shane PrinceAnaheim Ducks
Shawn BoudriasOttawa Senators14176
Shawn MatthiasOttawa Senators
Simon BourqueNew York Rangers
Simon DespresWashington Capitals
Simon JohanssonSt. Louis Blues14173
Slava DeminBuffalo Sabres1481
Spencer AbbottAnaheim Ducks
Spencer StastneyPittsburgh Penguins14140
Stanislav GalievPittsburgh Penguins
Stefan FournierNashville Predators
Stepan FalkovskyMinnesota Wild
Stephen MacAulayColumbus Blue Jackets
Stephon WilliamsNew York Rangers
Steve LorentzBoston Bruins11169
Steve MasonOttawa Senators
Steve MichalekEdmonton Oilers
Steve OttCarolina Hurricanes
Steven SpinnerPittsburgh Penguins10165
Stu BickelChicago Blackhawks
T.J. BrennanWinnipeg Jets
T.J. BrodieWinnipeg Jets
T.J. TynanNew Jersey Devils
Tanner GlassWashington Capitals
Tanner LaczynskiMinnesota Wild1287
Tanner RichardColorado Avalanche
Tarmo ReunanenEdmonton Oilers12148
Tate OlsonCarolina Hurricanes1196
Taylor BeckBuffalo Sabres
Taylor ChorneyAnaheim Ducks
Taylor DohertyNew Jersey Devils
Terrance AmorosaNew Jersey Devils9178
Thomas NovakPittsburgh Penguins1171
Tim BerniBuffalo Sabres14159
Tim BozonColumbus Blue Jackets
Tim KennedyCarolina Hurricanes
Tim SoderlundPittsburgh Penguins1391
Toby EnstromCalgary Flames
Todd BurgessLos Angeles Kings12118
Tomas PlekanecWashington Capitals
Tomas VomackaMontreal Canadiens13168
Tommy VannelliMontreal Canadiens
Toni UtunenVegas Golden Knights14122
Trey Fix-WolanskyColorado Avalanche1462
Triston GrantAnaheim Ducks
Ty EmbersonAnaheim Ducks14120
Ty SmithColumbus Blue Jackets1413
Tyler MaddenColorado Avalanche1436
Tyler NannePittsburgh Penguins10168
Tyler SoySan Jose Sharks12117
Tyler TuckerWinnipeg Jets14106
Tyler WallPittsburgh Penguins12108
Vaclav KarabacekBuffalo Sabres
Vasily GlotovCalgary Flames12127
Veeti VainioFlorida Panthers11137
Veini VehvilainenNew Jersey Devils1470
Victor BerglundLos Angeles Kings13156
Victor BrattstromCarolina Hurricanes14177
Viktor LoovNew York Rangers
Viktor StalbergAnaheim Ducks
Viktor SvedbergChicago Blackhawks
Vili SaarjarviColorado Avalanche
Ville PokkaColumbus Blue Jackets
Vitali KravtsovVegas Golden Knights147
Vladimir BobylevNew York Rangers12131
Vladislav GavrikovPittsburgh Penguins11165
Vladislav YeryomenkoPhoenix Coyotes14167
Vojtech BudikSt. Louis Blues12173
Vojtech MozikBuffalo Sabres
Wade AllisonNashville Predators1253
William LockwoodMinnesota Wild12110
William WrennVancouver Canucks
Wouter PeetersPittsburgh Penguins12106
Wyatt KalynukEdmonton Oilers13157
Wyatte WylieNew York Rangers14107
Xavier BernardDetroit Red Wings14161
Xavier BouchardCalgary Flames14115
Yan-Pavel LaplanteNew Jersey Devils
Yegor KorshkovMinnesota Wild1277
Yegor RykovPittsburgh Penguins1288
Yohann AuvituPhiladelphia Flyers
Zach FryeColorado Avalanche
Zach GallantCalgary Flames13173
Zach O'BrienColumbus Blue Jackets
Zachary EmondOttawa Senators1482
Zachary LauzonMontreal Canadiens1378
Zachary NagelvoortOttawa Senators10163
Zack StortiniColumbus Blue Jackets
Zbynek MichalekFlorida Panthers